LCD & Plasma Touch Screens

LCD & Plasma Touch Screens

24-7 Media Technology transformed the well-known LCD screens and Plasma displays into revolutionary touch screen solutions. There are several possibilities to make LCD / Plasma interactive – touch sensitive.

Creating touch screens

The range of our touch overlays includes dual touch overlays and multi touch overlays with or without mirroring function when the LCD/Plasma is switched off. For most of the global LCD/Plasma manufacturers there are standard sizes of the touch overlays that can be applied on top of the  LCD/Plasma screen. Once the screen combined with the touch overlay it gets connected with computer you can overtake the mouse function and touch, drag and drop, pinch and zoom using just your fingers, so creating touch screens.

Complete touch screens, all-in-one

In case you do not have the LCD/Plasma screen yet but you do want to have it as an interactive touch screen you can decide to order our All-in-one solution, which provides you with ready to use product (LCD/Plasma screen already assembled with the touch overlay, ready to be used).

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