Multi Touch Screens

multi touch screens

24-7 Media Technology proudly announces the new, multi touch screen systems for large screen sizes available now.

Together with Glimm Screens B.V., manufacturer of front and rear projection films and projection screens, 24-7 Media Technology developed the new, revolutionary multitouch screen system that can exceed the maximum standard size of 100’’ or 120’’ available on the market these days.

This multitouch screen system can cover much larger sizes meaning that the applications and use of multitouch systems can be further expanded.

The multitouch screen system introduced by 24-7 Media Technology is auto-adaptive to daylight conditions. The system features include multi-tracking detection (more then 2 people can use the screen simultaneously multi-touching the screen surface), user friendly calibration interface as well as remote interactive contents support. This multitouch screen system is Operating System independent.

Interactive contents for the multitouch screen system can be developed in several programming languages and therefore video, motion graphics, images and sounds can be triggered. This form and features of multitouch screen system make it truly exceptional communication, promotion and advertising tool.

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